Terms & Conditions

A customer is supposed to register with real information relating to the your identity identifying you. This data will be used for your system eligibility but the identity will not be stored to our system, or published any where.

Also your identity will be used to reactivate your account in-case you were locked out or required to reset the passwords to your account.

The customer is responsible for the keeping of the username and passwords, we will not be liable with any misuse of your credentials at your end to our system or other third parties.

Customer will have to provide the real information of your sales point this is to assist you in issuing receipts and invoices.

The information of your sales point will take two hours to be approved and after approval the information you provided will not be edited unless you contact our support team.

The information of your sales point will only appear to the customer you provide them with your invoices and receipts not else where.

The data posted to our system are not viewed by any party except the owner of the data (the customer owning the account), its your role to ensure you keep your username and passwords safe at your side for we will not be liable of data leaks at your side.

Our systems is designed to block some of the characters that might be associated with your data. Therefore, some of the words with special characters might be rejected by our system when posted hence the user will have to use words without the character.

Accounts that will be inactive for more 90 days (3 months) will be deleted from our system and its data will also be deleted.

All our payments are done electronically though the link available within your account to our bank account. The confirmation of your payment will be done via your mobile phone number or email address you provided.

This system is charge per month and its pre-paid service (You pay before you use). Only the first 30 days (1 month) is free.

Once the payment is done is none refundable. 

Developers:North Wing Limited